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*B-Western Books*

Peggy Stewart, Princess of the Prairie - $20.
By: Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti - 1999

• 176 action-packed pages
• Over 150 photos
• Portrait Gallery
• Includes over two dozen posters

A B-Western leading-lady and heroine, this book was written based on interviews with the delightful Ms Peggy Stewart.
Known as the “Princess of the Prairie”, you can relive Peggy Stewart’s days in B-Western films. This 176 page book includes section Portrait Gallery, Poster Art, Son of Zorro Photo Gallery, still Archive and a candid interview with Robert Blake Who appeared with Miss Stewart in 10 Red Ryder. This is one book you will want to have in your collection for sure!

Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys - $29.95
By: Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti - 1979

A Film Guide - including
Complete filmography with 16 pages of color poster art.
Complete guide of "The Roy Rogers Show"   with synopsis.
Over 250 photos.
A complete song list from all of Roy Rogers

A must have book that all Roy Rogers' loyal fans should have in their collection.

The Western Films of Sunset Carson - $20.
By: Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti - 1981

• Biography
• Filmography
• 72-pages on films of Sunset Carson
• Photos
• Posters

Ride the range again with this exciting book on the films of Sunset Carson. Included are photos, pictures of posters, Carson’s story as well a filmography on his movies. A must read for all Sunset Carson and B Western fans.

The Adventures of Durango Kid - $35.
   *Starring Charles Starrett*
By: Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti - 1983
• Eight pages in Full Color
• Over 275 Photos
• 176 Action-Packed Pages
• Cast and Credits
• Synopsis

Shipping & Handling - $5. per order.
Priority Mail - $15.

For ordering purposes only:

Please use USA Funds.

For those ordering through PayPal: My PayPal account is ADWTAN@AOL.COM

For those ordering by check or money order: Make check or money order payable to Bob Carman
and mail to:

                                       Bob Carman
                                       B-Western Collectables
                                       2298 Addington Circle
                                       Rockledge, FL 32955-6678

                                   Tel: 321-507-4054
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